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Cannot enable breakpoint %d - no such breakpoint

Cannot enable display expression %d - no such expression

Cannot receive start command

Cannot send start request

Enable  - Enable the expression. Reverses the effect of the 'disable'

Enable breakpoint

Enable breakpoint.

Error adding recipient

Error converting private key

Error converting zone

Error evaluating expression

Error generating tmp rsa key

Error in extension

Error in received cipher list

Error parsing set element

Error setting cipher

Error setting cipher params

Error setting encrypted data type

Error setting nbio

Error setting nbio on accept socket

Error setting nbio on accepted socket

No start line

One argument specifies the line in a file or function to start the

Peer error certificate

Peer error no certificate

Peer error no cipher

Peer error unsupported certificate type

SSL error stack: %lX : %s

Sslv3 alert peer error certificate

Sslv3 alert peer error no certificate

Sslv3 alert peer error no cipher

Sslv3 alert peer error unsupported certificate type

Sslv3 alert unknown remote error type

Start session

Start session and stop at the first executable line

Start the debugging program run and stop on the first statement.

Start the debugging program run.

Unable to bind socket

Unable to create new section

Unable to create socket

Unable to decode dh certs

Unable to decode rsa key

Unable to decode rsa private key

Unable to extract public key

Unable to find certificate

Unable to find dh parameters

Unable to find mem bio

Unable to find message digest

Unable to find parameters in chain

Unable to find public key parameters

Unable to find ssl method

Unable to get certs public key

Unable to get issuer details

Unable to get issuer keyid

Unable to listen socket

Unable to load ssl2 md5 routines

Unable to load ssl3 md5 routines

Unable to load ssl3 sha1 routines

Unknown remote error type

Use 'start' or 'bstart' to start debugging

X-Zend-Debug-Server: Unable to start a debug session

Last update: 17/08/2023