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   Unable to load public key

 start date: %.*s

BIO_new return NULL, OpenSSL error %s

Bad error code

Could not load ASN1 client certificate, OpenSSL error %s, (no key found, wrong pass phrase, or wrong file format?)

Could not load PEM client certificate, OpenSSL error %s, (no key found, wrong pass phrase, or wrong file format?)

Could not load PKCS12 client certificate, OpenSSL error %s

Could not parse PKCS12 file, check password, OpenSSL error %s

Error accept()ing server connect

Error in processing external entity reference

Error in the HTTP2 framing layer

Error in the SSH layer

Error loading CRL file: %s

Error reading PKCS12 file '%s'

Error setting certificate verify locations, continuing anyway:

Error setting certificate verify locations:

Error signaled by ssl ctx callback

Error while waiting for server connect

Got an error writing an RTP packet

HTTP error before end of send, keep sending

HTTP error before end of send, stop sending

Internal error clearing splay node = %d

Internal error removing splay node = %d

Ioctl callback returned error %d

SOCKS5 read error occurred

SOCKS5: error occurred during connection

SSL: Unable to open issuer cert (%s)

SSL: Unable to read issuer cert (%s)

SSL: unable to obtain common name from peer certificate

SSL_ERROR unknown

Seek callback returned error %d

Start date

Stream error in the HTTP/2 framing layer

Syntax error in telnet option: %s

Unable do create OpenSSL user-interface method

Unable to allocate trailing headers buffer !

Unable to create an SSL structure

Unable to parse FTP file list

Unable to read the CSeq header: [%s]

Unable to receive SOCKS5 sub-negotiation response.

Unable to receive initial SOCKS5 response.

Unable to send initial SOCKS5 request.

Unable to set client certificate

Unable to set private key

Unable to set private key file: '%s' type %s

Unable to use private key from PKCS12 file '%s'

Unknown error %d (%#x)

Unrecoverable error in call to nameserver

Wildcard - START of %s

XML or text declaration not at start of entity

Last update: 17/08/2023