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                                 Unavailable DLC Failed precondition     Unknown error   Operation aborted       Internal error  Unauthorized action     End of file     Not found       Memory error    Communication error     Uninitialized subsystem Invalid arguments       Declined        uplay_r2.ini   SaveType        Settings        SAVE_GAMES      SavePath        Settings        SAVE_GAMES      SavePath        Settings    SAVE        Goldberg UplayEmu Saves gold@berg   Email       Settings    en-US    Language        Settings        Mr_Goldberg     Username        Settings        80f33a39-e682-4d1f-b693-39267e890df2    UserId  Settings        66333333-e688-4d1f-b693-39267e890df2    GameId  Settings    Items       GBTICKETTICKETTICKETTICKETTICKET        

   address family not supported    address in use  address not available   already connected       argument list too long  argument out of domain  bad address     bad file descriptor     bad message     broken pipe     connection aborted      connection already in progress  connection refused      connection reset        cross device link       destination address required    device or resource busy directory not empty     executable format error file exists     file too large  filename too long       function not supported  host unreachable        identifier removed      illegal byte sequence   inappropriate io control operation      interrupted     invalid argument        invalid seek    io error        is a directory  message size    network down    network reset   network unreachable     no buffer space no child process        no link no lock available       no message available    no message      no protocol option      no space on device      no stream resources     no such device or address       no such device  no such file or directory       no such process not a directory not a socket    not a stream    not connected   not enough memory       not supported   operation canceled      operation in progress   operation not permitted operation not supported operation would block   owner dead      permission denied       protocol error  protocol not supported  read only file system   resource deadlock would occur   resource unavailable try again  result out of range     state not recoverable   stream timeout  text file busy  timed out       too many files open in system   too many files open     too many links  too many symbolic link levels   value too large wrong protocol type     unknown error   CreateSymbolicLinkW     k e r n e l 3 2 . d l l         GetFileInformationByHandleEx    SetFileInformationByHandle      FlsAlloc        FlsFree FlsGetValue     FlsSetValue     InitializeCriticalSectionEx     InitOnceExecuteOnce     CreateEventExW  CreateSemaphoreW        CreateSemaphoreExW      CreateThreadpoolTimer   SetThreadpoolTimer      WaitForThreadpoolTimerCallbacks CloseThreadpoolTimer    CreateThreadpoolWait    SetThreadpoolWait       CloseThreadpoolWait     FlushProcessWriteBuffers        FreeLibraryWhenCallbackReturns  GetCurrentProcessorNumber       GetCurrentPackageId     GetTickCount64  GetSystemTimePreciseAsFileTime  InitializeConditionVariable     WakeConditionVariable   WakeAllConditionVariable        SleepConditionVariableCS        InitializeSRWLock       AcquireSRWLockExclusive TryAcquireSRWLockExclusive      ReleaseSRWLockExclusive SleepConditionVariableSRW       CreateThreadpoolWork    SubmitThreadpoolWork    CloseThreadpoolWork     CompareStringEx GetLocaleInfoEx LCMapStringEx           

   system  unknown error   86


SetLastError  ~

Last update: 17/03/2023