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Analysis Services can load assemblies that contain user-defined functions. These functions can be based on the common language runtime (CLR) or can be Component Object Model (COM) objects. CLR-based objects can be secured using the CLR security model, but COM objects cannot. Enable loading of COM functions only if your applications require them.

Analysis Services supports linked objects, which link dimensions and measure groups between instances. Enable linked objects 

Anonymous connections allow unauthenticated users to establish connections with an Analysis Services instance. Enable anonymous connections only if your applications require unauthenticated users to connect to the instance.

Enabling remote connections for Analysis Services opens a TCP/IP port on the server. Enable remote connections only if you want to allow connections from remote computers.

Reporting Services uses schedules to trigger subscriptions, report cache expirations, and report snapshot executions. Enable scheduled events and report delivery if you schedule these operations.

The Data Mining Extensions (DMX) OPENROWSET statement supports ad hoc queries using external providers. Enable ad hoc data mining queries only if your applications and scripts use this statement.

The Report Server Web service can receive Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) requests and URL access requests. Enable Web service and HTTP access only if your client applications use the Web service or if you use Report Manager, Report Builder, or SQL Server Management Studio with this Reporting Services installation.

Last update: 16/05/2024