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Morgan M-JPEG2000 VFW codec

32 bit
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- unable to initialize heap

- unable to open console device

Code-stream must start with an SOC marker!

Encountered a corrupted packet while using packet length information to access the compressed data source in a random access fashion.  To process corrupted code-streams in an error resilient manner, you must disable seeking on the compressed data source (i.e., force sequential access) as well as enabling the resilient parsing mode.

Error attempting to convert geometrically transformed canvas coordinates to legal marker ranges.  Try using a smaller precinct size (you can use the transcoding utility to achieve this at the same time as geometric transformations.)

Heap exhausted.  Unable to allocate sufficient memory for code-block state information.

Illegal inclusion tag tree encountered while decoding a packet header.  This problem can arise if empty packets are used (i.e., packets whose first header bit is 0) and the value coded by the inclusion tag tree in a subsequent packet is not exactly equal to the index of the quality layer in which each code-block makes its first contribution.  Such an error may arise from a mis-interpretation of the standard.  The problem may also occur as a result of a corrupted code-stream. Try re-opening the image with the resilient mode enabled.

Region of interest up-shift value.  All subband samples which are involved in the synthesis of any image sample which belongs to the foreground region of an ROI mask will be effectively shifted up (scaled by two the power of this shift value) prior to quantization.  The region geometry is specified independently and is not explicitly signalled through the code-stream

 instead, this shift must be sufficiently large to enable the decoder to separate the foreground and background on the basis of the shifted sample amplitudes alone.  You will receive an appropriate error message if the shift value is too small.

Runtime error 

Unable to achieve the rate target for quality layer 

Unable to write COD marker segment yet! Some info missing.

Unable to write SIZ marker segment yet!

Unable to write SIZ marker segment! Precision or sub-sampling information missing for at least one component.

Last update: 16/05/2024