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#Cannot start an event subscription.


Error with Assembly {0}.  Assemblies are not supported in {1}.

(Gets start date property of Certificate.

(Syntax error in TextHeader of {0} '{1}'.

+Gets start subject property of Certificate.

4Start Partition number should lie between 1 and {0}

6Gets the error log size property of Full Text Catalog.

9Error with Schema {0}.  Schemas are not supported in {1}.

Error creating Statistic object, columns must be specified.

Error with Synonym {0}.  Synonyms are not supported in {1}.

A dedicated administrator connection (DAC) allows an administrator to connect to a server when the Database Engine will not respond to regular connections. Enable this option only if you will use DAC from a remote computer.

Body Start Index  

Browser Service Start Mode

CError with DDL Trigger {0}.  DDL Triggers are not supported in {1}.

Common language runtime (CLR) integration enables you to write stored procedures, triggers, user-defined types and user-defined functions using any .NET Framework language. Enable CLR integration only if you use the CLR.

Cycle agent error log

Database Mail is a component for sending e-mail messages from the Database Engine using SMTP. Enable Database Mail stored procedures only if you plan to configure and use Database Mail.

EThe service did not respond to the start request in a timely fashion.

Enable Cryptographic Provider

Enable Login.

Enable all indexes

Enumerate error logs

Error Log Size

HError creating Statistic object

 {0} is not a valid statistic scan type.

HGets the index value that represents the start of the data definition language (DDL) trigger text body. 

ICannot copy partitions while start partition number({0}) exceeds the value of end partition number ({1}).

IThe call failed with WMI error {0}. Please consult the WMI documentation.

LUnable to perform this operation as the object is not connected to a server.

MGets the index value that represents the start of the DDL trigger text body. 

Read error log

SQL Mail supports legacy applications that send and receive e-mail messages from the Database Engine. SQL Mail is deprecated in SQL Server 2005 and replaced by Database Mail. Enable SQL Mail stored procedures only if you plan to configure and use SQL Mail for backward compatibility.

SQL Server Agent Start Mode

Service Broker provides queuing and reliable messaging for the Database Engine. Service Broker uses an endpoint for communication between instances, which opens a TCP/IP port on the server. Enable the Service Broker endpoint only if your applications use Service Broker to communicate between instances. Returns TRUE when a Service Broker endpoint exists and is in the STARTED state. Returns FALSE when Service Broker does not exist on the computer or it exists but is not started. Configure the endpoint to TRUE to start a stopped or disabled endpoint. The operation will fail if the endpoint does not exist on the server. Configure the endpoint to FALSE to disable the Service Broker endpoint.

Start Date

Start monitor

Start population

TError with CLR Stored Procedure {0}.  CLR Stored Procedure are not supported in {1}.

The OLE Automation extended stored procedures (XPs) allow Transact-SQL batches, stored procedures, and triggers to reference custom OLE Automation objects. Enable OLE Automation only if applications or Transact-SQL scripts use OLE Automation XPs.

The OPENROWSET and OPENDATASOURCE functions support ad hoc connections to remote data sources without linked or remote servers. Enable these functions only if your applications and scripts call them.

The xp_cmdshell extended stored procedure runs operating system commands from within the Database Engine. Enable xp_cmdshell only if your application or scripts must use xp_cmdshell to run operating system commands.

UWin32 error, error code: {0}. Please contact your administrator for more information.

VInvalid plan guide name: '{0}'. A plan guide name cannot start with a number sign (#).

WError with Xml Schema Collection {0}.  Xml Schema Collections are not supported in {1}.

Web Assistant stored procedures, which generate HTML files from SQL Server databases, are deprecated in SQL Server 2005. Enable Web Assistance only if your applications generate HTML using Web Assistant stored procedures.

YError with User Defined Aggregate {0}.  User Defined Aggregates are not supported in {1}.

YScripting system objects with dependencies is not supported when AllowSystemObjects is set to false. Error at Urn ='{0}'.

[Error with User Defined Table Type {0}.  User Defined Table Types are not supported in {1}.

[The start time for a vacuumer is the time within a day and cannot be greater than 24 hours.

^Gets the file directory where the error log is stored on the instance of Microsoft SQL Server.

_Error with CLR User Defined Function {0}.  CLR User Defined Functions are not supported in {1}.

{Enabling all the SOAP endpoints at the same time is not supported. However, you can manually enable a single SOAP endpoint.

Last update: 16/05/2024