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OpenCL User Mode Driver for Intel R Graphics Technology

64 bit
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 -rs-enable -cl-kernel-arg-info

: error: unable to get target for '

Bad start of live segment,

 no basic block

Bitcode error in function block

Determines if script analysis should break on first error or should proceed looking for other problems

Enable -time-passes memory tracking (this may be slow)

Enable FP math optimizations that assume no +-Infs

Enable FP math optimizations that assume no NaNs

Enable LSR phi elimination

Enable abort calls when fast instruction selection fails to lower a formal argument

Enable abort calls when fast instruction selection fails to lower an instruction

Enable aggresive formation of fused FP ops

Enable binary output on terminals

Enable cl-unsafe-math-optimizations and cl-finite-math-only

Enable code dumps in RS

Enable code generation for RS

Enable debug info

Enable debug output in the CFT module

Enable debug output in the address space propagation module

Enable kernel extended diags

Enable less precise MAD instructions to be generated

Enable load clustering.

Enable logs in RS

Enable native math functions

Enable optimizations that assumes non- NaNs / +-Infs

Enable optimizations that may decrease FP precision

Enable optimized register allocation compilation path.

Enable output for LLVM virt reg to IGIL reg mapping

Enable per-kernel-fallback feature for RS

Enable printing kernel arg info annotations

Enable profiler

Enable scheduling after register allocation

Enable scheduling for macro fusion.

Enable single precision floating-point divide and square root the module are correctly rounded

Enable the fast instruction selector

Enable the live debug variables pass

Enable the machine instruction scheduling pass.

Enable unsafe double to float shrinking for math lib calls

Enable use of AA during MI GAD construction

Enable verbose messages in the fast instruction selector

Error - option can never match,

 because another positional argument will match an unbounded number of values,

 and this option does not require a value!

Error - this positional option will never be matched,

 because it does not Require a value,

 and a cl::ConsumeAfter option is active!

Error at end of PARAMATTR block

Error at end of PARAMATTR_GROUP block

Error creating ELF reader

Error in the type table block

Error loading builtin module from buffer

Error loading builtin resource

Error opening '

Error opening file '

Error opening info-output-file '

Error opening output file '

Error parsing ELF header

Error parsing inline asm

Error processing Kernel function

Error processing local variable

Error processing printf()

Expected ',

' as start of index list

Start of file scope inline assembly

Target cannot enable pass

Unable to evaluate offset for variable '

Unable to evaluate offset to undefined symbol '

Unable to find target for this triple (no targets are registered)

Unexpected token at start of statement

Unknown error while opening the igdclbif.bin

Use +feature to enable a feature,

 or -feature to disable it.

Last update: 27/03/2020