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   Unable to load public key

 error cJ

 start date: %.*s

%s - CURL error code %d (%s)

Adhesive V8 error at %s: %s

BIO_new return NULL,

 OpenSSL error %s

BIO_new_mem_buf NULL,

 OpenSSL error %s

Bad error code

Calling lmprof start function twice

Could not load ASN1 client certificate,

 OpenSSL error %s,

 (no key found,

 wrong pass phrase,

 or wrong file format?)

Could not load PEM client certificate,

 OpenSSL error %s,

 (no key found,

 wrong pass phrase,

 or wrong file format?)

Could not load PKCS12 client certificate,

 OpenSSL error %s

Could not parse PKCS12 file,

 check password,

 OpenSSL error %s

Could not start profiler

Digest_sspi: MakeSignature failed,

 error 0x%08lx

Error %d sending MQTT CONN request

Error adding recipient

Error computing OCSP ID

Error converting private key

Error converting zone

Error creating extension

Error decoding OID,

 unknown tag

Error encoding number

Error encoding: kWriteNanAndInfFlag

Error entropy pool was ignored

Error executing native %016llx.

Error executing native 0x%016llx at address %p.

Error getting key from certificate

Error getting peer certificate

Error getting public key

Error getting time

Error importing CA certificate blob

Error importing CA certificate blob,

 continuing anyway

Error importing windows ca store,

 continuing anyway

Error in 

Error in __gc metamethod (%s)

Error in encoding

Error in error handling

Error in extension

Error in nextupdate field

Error in received cipher list

Error in the HTTP2 framing layer

Error in the SSH layer

Error in thisupdate field

Error initialising drbg

Error instantiating drbg

Error loading CRL file: %s

Error loading cert into memory

Error loading dso

Error loading script %s in resource %s: %s

Error loading section

Error object is not a string

Error parsing script %s in resource %s: %s

Error parsing url

Error reading PKCS12 file '%s'

Error reading messagedigest attribute

Error retrieving additional input

Error retrieving entropy

Error retrieving nonce

Error running call reference function for resource %s: %s

Error running stack trace function for resource %s: %s

Error running system event handling function for resource %s: %s

Error running system ref deletion function for resource %s: %s

Error running system ref duplication function for resource %s: %s

Error running system tick function for resource %s: %s

Error setting ALPN

Error setting certificate verify locations,

 continuing anyway:

Error setting certificate verify locations:  CAfile: %s CApath: %s

Error setting cipher

Error setting cipher params

Error setting encrypted data type

Error setting fips mode

Error setting key

Error setting recipientinfo

Error setting tlsa base domain

Error signaled by ssl ctx callback

Error verifying pkcs12 mac

Error with the srp params

Error writing cert data in PEM format

Error writing file

Error writing key data in PEM format

Fmt::format_error while formatting %s: %s

Format error in CRL's lastUpdate field

Format error in CRL's nextUpdate field

Format error in certificate's notAfter field

Format error in certificate's notBefore field

HTTP error before end of send,

 keep sending

HTTP error before end of send,

 stop sending

In error state

Internal error clearing splay node = %d

Internal error removing splay node = %d

Ioctl callback returned error %d

No start line

PANIC: unprotected error in call to Lua API (%s)

SEC_E_ILLEGAL_MESSAGE (0x%08X) - This error usually occurs when a fatal SSL/TLS alert is received (e.g. handshake failed). More detail may be available in the Windows System event log.

SETTINGS: server attempted to enable push

SSL: Unable to open issuer cert (%s)

SSL: Unable to read issuer cert (%s)

SSL: unable to obtain common name from peer certificate

SSL_ERROR unknown

Seek callback returned error %d

Start date

Start offset greater than input length

Stream error in the HTTP/2 framing layer

Syntax error at line %d near: 

Syntax error in in vars

Unable to allocate buffer

Unable to bind socket

Unable to check generator

Unable to create a TraceEvent list

Unable to create an SSL structure

Unable to create new section

Unable to create socket

Unable to decode issuer public key

Unable to decrypt CRL's signature

Unable to decrypt certificate's signature

Unable to dump given function

Unable to finalize context

Unable to find certificate

Unable to find ecdh parameters

Unable to find mem bio

Unable to find message digest

Unable to find parameters in chain

Unable to find public key parameters

Unable to get CRL issuer certificate

Unable to get certificate CRL

Unable to get certs public key

Unable to get issuer certificate

Unable to get issuer details

Unable to get issuer keyid

Unable to get local issuer certificate

Unable to keepalive

Unable to listen socket

Unable to load ssl3 md5 routines

Unable to load ssl3 sha1 routines

Unable to negotiate SOCKS5 GSS-API context.

Unable to nodelay

Unable to parse FTP file list

Unable to receive SOCKS5 sub-negotiation response.

Unable to receive initial SOCKS5 response.

Unable to reuseaddr

Unable to send initial SOCKS5 request.

Unable to set private key file: '%s' type %s

Unable to use private key from PKCS12 file '%s'

Unable to verify the first certificate

Unknown error %d (%#x)

Unknown error code

Unrecoverable error in call to nameserver

X error H

Last update: 07/04/2022