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!Partial Replica WizardBefore running this wizard, click Options on the Tools menu, click the Advanced tab, and select Break on Unhandled Errors.The combo box below lists the partial replicas the wizard has created or modified for the current replica, if any. What partial replica do you want to modify?Analyzing structure and changing filter properties...You must select a database with a least one replicable table.The Partial Replica Wizard is unable to access the database you selected.Database Files (*.mdb)|Add-ins (*.mda)|All Files (*.*)||The file you selected does not exist or is misspelled. Please check the spelling or click Browse to find the partial replica you want to modify.The database '


 is not a replica. You must replicate it before you can run the Partial Replica Wizard.Partial Replica WizardCreateSelect an existing partial replicaOpenCreate a new partial replicaThe filter expression you specified for '



t valid. Check the syntax of the expression to make sure that it'

s correct.Removing old replica properties...The replica you chose is not a partial replica.The replica you chose is not a member of the same replica set as the replica you currently have open in Microsoft Office Access. You can only choose replicas from the same replica set.The database you chose can'

t be opened exclusively. The wizard needs to open it exclusively in order to add data to it.The database you chose isn'

t a replica.Partial ReplicaXXX of |TableDefRelationDatabasePartialReplicaReplicaFilterNameDescriptionThe current database is a partial replica. You must open a full replica in the set before you run the wizard, in order for the partial replica to contain the correct data.De&




You chose to change the filter expression for an existing partial replica. It'

s a good idea to exit the wizard and synchronize with other replicas first if you think other users may have edited the same records that you have. This way, you can resolve all of your replication conflicts before changing which records are in your partial replica. Do you want to continue?Partial Replica of |The wizard has detected a self join in your database. Depending on the filter you specified, and which table in the join is the actual table that is being filtered rather than the aliased table, you may not get the records that you are expecting. When the wizard is finished, you should check the data in the partial replica to make sure that the wizard handled the filter properly.You can'

t run the Partial Replica Wizard unless you have a replica database open in Microsoft Office Access.You can set a filter for only one table. Changing which table you filter will delete the filter you entered. Do you want to continue?The Partial Replica Wizard: A partial replica is a replica that contains only a subset of the records in a full replica. The Partial Replica Wizard enables you to select the subset of data you want to work with, by setting various Data Access Object (DAO) properties for the tables and relationships in the partial replica. After you specify the filter that will retrieve the data you want, and select any additional tables to include, the wizard will set the necessary properties for you automatically. You can then ask the wizard to create a report listing these property settings. For more information on partial replication, and on using DAO to customize replication properties yourself, look in Microsoft Office Access Help for replication, the ReplicaFilter property, and the PartialReplica property.Creating Partial Replica Filter Expressions: Your partial replica filter expression specifies the records in a particular table that you want to be in the partial replica. The wizard also applies this filter to all of the related tables in your database to ensure that you get all the appropriate records. The filter expression you specify is similar to a SQL WHERE clause, except it can'

t contain any aggregate functions, user-defined functions, or subqueries. Some examples of filter expressions you could use include: [EmployeeID] = 1, [LastName] = '


 And [FirstName] = '


, [OrderDate] <

 #1/1/96# Or [ShippedDate] <

 #3/1/96#. When Microsoft Office Access uses your filter expression to determine what records to retrieve for your partial replica, it queries the replica database. Therefore, to enhance performance you should index each field in the replica that you use in your filter expression.If you move back, the wizard will delete the empty partial replica that it just created. The wizard will then have to recreate the empty partial replica when you move forward again. Are you sure you want to move back?The wizard is now creating the structure for your new partial replica. If your database is large, this may take several minutes.Deciding What Records to Include From Other Tables in the Replica: Tables listed in bold are related to your filtered table with referential integrity enforced. To have the wizard automatically retrieve only the records in these tables that are needed to enforce referential integrity, clear the check box for the table. This will result in a smaller partial replica. To have the wizard retrieve all records in the table, whether they are related to your filter data or not, leave the table selected. Tables in the list that aren'

t bold may not be related to your filtered table, or may be related without referential integrity enforced. To have the wizard retrieve no records from these tables, clear the check box for the table. To have the wizard retrieve all records, leave the table selected. One reason to include all records from a table is that you may want to add data to your partial replica that includes records that aren'

t related to the data specified by your filter. For example, suppose your filtered table is an Orders table listed in bold that is related to a Products table listed in bold. If you clear the check box for the Products table, the wizard will retrieve the Product records that are related to the records retrieved from the Order Details table. But you may want to enter new orders in the partial replica, in which case you want the entire product list to be retrieved so that new orders can contain any available product. You would therefore select the Products table in the list. Tables that are not related to your filter table are in the list as non-bold, such as lookup tables or tables with relationships where no referential integrity exists. A table that populates a combo box may be one example. If these tables are selected, all records will be retrieved

 if they are not selected, no records will be retrieved.The partial replica you have chosen to modify is on the wizard'

s list but can'

t be located. It may be unavailable (such as from a remote connection) or deleted. If it has been deleted, you may want to delete it from the wizard'

s list. Would you like to delete this partial replica from the wizard'

s list for this replica set?The tables listed in bold are related to the filtered table with referential integrity enforced. To include all records, leave a table selected. To include only the records that are related to the records in your filter, clear the check box for a table

 this results in a smaller partial replica.Tables that aren'

t bold aren'

t related to the filtered table with referential integrity enforced. To include all records, leave a table selected. To include no records, clear the check box for a table.[]The wizard was unable to create the new partial replica. The file name you specified may already exist, or you may not have write permissions to the directory in which it was to be placed.The partial replica you have chosen to modify contains data conflicts or errors. These conflicts must be resolved before you can modify the filters on the partial replica.The partial replica and the full replica'

s schemas are out of synch. You need to synchronize them and resolve conflicts (if any) before modifying the partial replica.The partial replica and the full replica'

s schemas are out of synch. If you continue the wizard now without synchronizing, you may lose new data if you have updated without synchronizingThe Partial Replica Wizard has encountered an error while trying to populate your partial replica with data. The error that the Jet Engine has returned is: | After resolving this error, you can run the Wizard again.The report cannot open because you do not have a default printer selected. Would you like to try to print the report again? If you would, then add a default printer from the control panel and then click Yes.=Page


4What style would you like for screen displays?What style would you like for printed reports?StartupVersion 1.0Database WizardCreating application:Your database has been created!Enter/View |Preview the | ReportChange Switchboard ItemsExit this databaseReturn to Main SwitchboardEnter/View Other Information...Preview Reports...Sorry, this field is required and must be selected.Forms SwitchboardReports SwitchboardThere was a problem building the form or report.Creating form: |...Creating report: |...Creating query: |...Creating table: |...Creating relationship between | and |...Creating startup form...Creating switchboard...Setting database properties...Creating database...The application name must be 64 characters or less.You must name the application before continuing.Select PictureOKPlease select a bitmap before continuing.Global CodeThere was an unexpected error creating a table.There was an unexpected error creating a relationship.There was a problem displaying Help.There was an unexpected error creating a form.There was an unexpected error creating a report.There was an unexpected error displaying a form or report style.An unexpected error ocurred.Operation cancelled.Total UnitsTotal FreightTotal SalesSales TaxTotal PaymentsLineTotalCurrent31-60 Days61-90 Days91+ DaysBalanceEmployee NameContact NameNumber of Registered AttendeesAttendee NameTotal RegistrationsEvent ManagerLabor TotalParts TotalWorkorder TotalTotal PartsTotal LaborWorkorder IDInvoice DateInvoice AmountInvoice DescriptionPayment TermsBeginning DateEnding DateTechnicianMonth FinishedOrder TotalTotal ExpensesTotal HoursBilling AmountProject ManagerHours WorkedHourly BillingsTotal BilledAmount DueAvg Unit PriceUnits in StockUnits on OrderSubtotalSale AmountTotal MaintenanceViewPurchaseOrdersViewEventViewRptFormViewWorkOrdersViewProjectEnter customer information before entering order.Enter contact information before making a call.Enter customer information before entering workorder.Enter attendee information before registering for an event.Enter product information before entering purchase order.Enter purchase order information before previewing.Total DepreciationDepreciationMaintenanceRpt Date RangeDepreciation SubformMaintenance SubformDepr. BasisAccum. Depr.PreviewEmployees SubformFirstLettterCall Listing SubformCall Details SubformDialCallsBeginning Call DateEnding Call DateDescriptionBefore using this application, you need to enter your company name, address and related information.Enter employee before entering expense report.For Transactions Between:Amount Billed&

View Expenses&

View Hours&

View Parts&

View Labor&

View Fee Schedule&

View Attendees(&



) &







Phone:Fax:ViewOrderEnter asset information before opening maintenance form.Enter asset information before opening depreciation form.ScheduleIDParamEnter a workorder for this customer before viewing payments form.Enter a project for this client before viewing payments form.Register attendee for an event before viewing payments form.Enter order information before viewing payments form.Enter client information before viewing projects form.You must specify beginning and ending times in order to generate a schedule.Line TotalYou must enter both beginning and ending dates.Double-click this field to add an entry to the list.Open the Payments form using the Payments button on the Attendees form.Open the Registration form using the Registration button on the Attendees form.Open the Projects form using the Projects button on the Clients form.Open the Invoice report using the Preview Invoice button on the Print Invoice form.Open the Orders form using the Orders button on the Orders by Customer form.Open the Workorders form using the Workorders button on the Workorders by Customer form.Open the Payments form using the Payments button on the Orders by Customer form.Open the Payments form using the Payments button on the Workorders by Customer form.Open the Payments form using the Payments button on the Clients form.Asset CategoryOpen the Depreciation form using the Depreciation button on the Assets form.Open the Maintenance form using the Maintenance button on the Assets form.Open the Expense Report form using the Expense Report button on the Expense Reports by Employee form.Enter attendee and registration information before previewing the invoice.Page1Page212PageOpen the Generate form using the Generate Schedule button on the Reservations form.LineLine1Line2HeaderLineEnding date must be greater than Beginning date.DateDepartmentEmployeeStatusVendorNext Sched MaintIDAcquiredDept. NumberDepr. MethodDepreciation DetailsAmountLifeCostMethodSalvageSocial Security #Employee #Assets Assigned to this Employee:Maintenance DetailsPerformed byPre&

view...Begin. Entry DateLast NameFirst NameEnding Entry DateBeginning Entry DateCall NotesCompanyContact TypeBegin. Call DateTimeOpen the Print Invoice form using the Preview Invoice button on the Clients form.RegistrationsAttendedCity/State/ProvinceRegisterAttendees SubformEvent Registration HistoryPreviewInvoicePre&

view Invoice...PaymentsEvent TypeEvent DirectorSpaces RemainingEvent Fee Schedule SubformEvents SubformAttendeesToggle ViewAttendeeTotal AttendeesEventTermsAddress2CompanyCityStateAttendee IDCompanyNameCompanyCountryCompanyAddressTotalCompanyPhoneFaxInvoice DescrEnter your company'

s name and address information here.  You will save the information by closing the form.Pymt Method IDInfoEvent NamePayment MethodRegistration IDSalespersonFee ScheduleTotal ChargesRemaining SeatsTotal PaidEnding Registration DateEnding Reg. DateBeginnining Registration DateBegin. Reg. DateReport Date RangeExp. Category IDDetailLineBalance DueDept. ChargedLevel1HeaderLineLevel1FooterLinePageFooterLineExpense TotalsPre&

view Report...ExpenseReport&

Expense Report Form...Dept NameExpense CategoryAccount#Level1LineEnding Rpt DateBeginning Rpt DateCategory# in Stock# on OrderPageHeaderLine# Received# Ordered# Shrinkage# SoldProducts SubformInventory Transactions:UnitsOnOrderPurchaseOrders&

Purchase Orders...UnitsOnHandUnits on HandPO IDPurchase Order IDSupplierNameAddressCountry/RegionOrdered FromUnitPriceUnit PriceCityStateProductIDProduct IDShip ViaP. O. DatePhoneNumberCompanyAddress2Company AddressCompany NameUnitsPurchase Orders SubformProducts Ordered&






Payments...SupplierShipping MethodProductEndDateBeginDateShip. Method IDTotal WithdrawalsTotal W/drawalsTotal DepositsAccounts SubformTransactions for this Account:Account TypeAccount BalanceDeposit AmtTran #W/D AmtEnding Trans DateBeginning Trans DateBeg. Trans DateW/D AmountAcct IDAccount NameTransactions SubformW/drawal AmtAccountAmount PaidTotal DueShip ToShip Address2BillTo Address2Bill ToSetup InformationDefault TermsShippingOptions&

Shipping Options...Order SubtotalOrders by Customer SubformOrders&

Orders...Total SaleOrder IDInv. DescriptionCustomer NameEnding Order DateBeginning Order DateBegin. Order DateAmount InvoicedCancelOKCustomers SubformReservationsCompany/DeptStart TimeEnd TimeSunday&


OKWednesdaySaturdayFridayThursdayEndTimeBegin DateResource NameTuesdayTimeIncrementTime IncrementBeginTimeBegin TimeEnd DateMondayReservations Time SubformResources&

Resources...Reservations SubformGenerate&

Generate Schedule...PrintSchedulePre&

view Schedule...ScheduleLinkIDResourceCustomerEndStartResource TypeWO IDRequiredCustomer CityStateZipCustomerIDCust IDLabor Subform LabelLaborReport DescriptionParts Subform LabelInvoice Parts SubreportPartsPhoneInvoice Labor SubreportContactInv. DateDate Rec'

dPO NumberMyAddressTech IDSales TaxInvoice TotalPartDate RangeWorkorders ReceivedAverage Turn DaysAvg Turn DaysAverage Invoice AmtAvg Invoice Amt# Unfinished# Finished In HouseUnfinished WorkordersFinished WO In HouseOther InfoOther Summary InformationWorkorders Finished# FinishedWorkorder LaborSales Tax%Picked UpWorkorder PartsToggleSubformWorkorders by Customer SubformWorkorders&



Time Cards...Clients SubformTotal AmountProject IDProject NameInvoice Time SubreportTime Summary:Invoice NumberInvoice Total LabelInvoice Expense SubreportExpense Summary:MyCompanymyPhoneandFaxMyAddress2RateProjectPrint Invoice Time SubformTime worked on this project for the specified time period:Print Invoice Expenses SubformExpenses:Total Hourly BillingsInvoice#Client NameClient PO#Est. Total BillingsProjects SubformHours worked on this project:Project Expenses SubformTotal Hours WorkedTotal Billable AmountTotal BillingTotalHoursWorkedWork CodeTime Cards Expense SubformTotal Billable HoursPreviewTimeCardPre&

view Time Card...Time Cards SubformTime Worked:Expense CodeTime Sheet SubreportTime Sheet Expenses SubreportFor Depreciation Recorded Between:andFor Maintenance Recorded Between:For Calls Made Between:For Registrations Between:For Expense Reports Submitted Between:For Orders Rec'

d Between:For Resources Scheduled Between:For Services Completed Between:For Workorders Rec'

d &

 Finished Between:For Work Performed Between:Open this report using the Preview Report button on the Expense Report form.Open this report using the Preview button on the Purchase Orders form.Open the Calls form using the Calls button on the Contacts form.Freight ChargeOpen the Print Invoice form using the Preview Invoice button on the Orders by Customer form.Enter client and project information before previewing invoice.Total LabelLabel1Label2Label3Label4Label5Label6Enter time card information before previewing the Time Card report.Use the Projects button on the Clients form to enter new projects.Time LabelExpenses LabelExt.Open the Invoice report using the Preview Invoice button on the Orders by Customer form.Enter order information before previewing invoice.Ship NameShip AddressShip CountryAdvance AmountEntered byEnter employee before entering time or expenses.Enter resource before scheduling.There is no data for this report. Canceling report...!&









Asset Category Textbox99/99/008AM5PM12AM














































30 Minutes


1 Hour


2 Hours


4 Hours


6 Hours


12 Hours


24 HoursThis event is fully booked.End date cannot be less than begin date.End time must be greater than begin time.Sum Of Payments QueryReceivables Aging Report QuerySum Of Payments QueryAttendee Count by EventSum Of Payments QueryTotal Registrations by AttendeeLabor Totals by WorkorderParts Totals by WorkorderSum Of Payments QueryExpenses by ProjectExpenses by Project for Date RangeHour by ProjectSum of Payments QueryScheduledTimesSales by Customer SubquerySales by Employee SubqueryOrder EntryContact ManagementService Call ManagementAsset TrackingResource SchedulingEvent ManagementInventory ControlExpensesTime and BillingLedgerAssetsCustomersResourcesEmployeesReservationsEmployees SubformReservations SubformAssets by DepartmentAssets by EmployeeAssets by VendorResource ScheduleResources by TypeExpense Reports by EmployeeExpense ReportsExpense Reports SubformExpense ReportExpense Rpt Summary by CategoryWorkorders by CustomerWorkordersEmployeesOrdersOrder Details SubformDepartmentsAsset CategoriesAccountsAccount TypesAccounts SubformAccount SummaryTransaction ListingSummary by Account TypeTransactionsTransactions SubformOrders by CustomerOrders by Customer SubformPaymentsPrint InvoiceMy Company InformationProductsPayment MethodsShipping MethodsContactsCustomer ListingInvoiceReceivables AgingSales by CustomerSales by EmployeeSales by ProductReport Date RangeCallsContact TypesAlphabetical Contact ListingWeekly Call SummaryReport Date RangeCall Listing SubformCall Details SubformEmployees SubformExpense CategoriesReport Date RangeExpense Rpt Summary by EmployeeDepreciationMaintenanceReport Date RangeStatusDepreciation SubformMaintenance SubformVendorsAssets by Date AcquiredDepreciation SummaryMaintenance HistoryAssets by CategoryAttendeesEventsRegistrationPayment MethodsPaymentsPrint InvoiceReport Date RangeMy Company InformationFee SchedulesInvoiceSales by Event TypeSales by EmployeeAttendee ListingAttendees SubformEvents SubformEvent Fee Schedule SubformEmployeesEvent TypesPartsPayment MethodsPaymentsPrint InvoiceReport Date RangeMy Company InformationInvoiceRevenue Entered by EmployeeSales by MonthFinished Workorders in HouseUnfinished WorkordersWorkorder SummaryWorkorders by Customer SubformWorkorder PartsWorkorder LaborInvoice Parts SubreportInvoice Labor SubreportEmployeesCustomers SubformReservations Time SubformGenerateReport Date RangeResource TypesClientsProjectsPrint InvoiceTime CardsEmployeesExpense CodesPayment MethodsPaymentsReport Date RangeMy Company InformationWork CodesInvoiceTime SheetClient Billings by ProjectClient ListingEmployee Billings by ProjectProject Billings by Work CodeClients SubformProjects SubformProject Expenses SubformPrint Invoice Time SubformPrint Invoice Expenses SubformTime Cards SubformTime Cards Expense SubformInvoice Time SubreportInvoice Expense SubreportTime Sheet SubreportTime Sheet Expenses SubreportProductsPurchase OrdersEmployeesSuppliersCategoriesMy Company InformationShipping MethodsReport Date RangeProduct Cost ComparisonsProducts SubformPurchase Orders SubformProduct Purchases by SupplierProduct SummaryProduct Transaction DetailPurchase OrderShipping InformationReport Date Range

Add-In Manager&


InstallOpenOpenAdd-ins (*.mda

*.mde)|All Files (*.*)||*.mda


*.mdbUSysRegInfo|ACWZMAIN.MDE|ACWZTOOL.MDE|ACWZLIB.MDE|ACWZUSR.MDT|ACWZDAT.MDT|UTILITY.MDA|SYSTEM.MDA|WZLIB.MDA|SYSTEM1X.MDA|WIZARD.MDA|WZTABLE.MDA|WZQUERY.MDA|WZBLDR.MDA|WZFRMRPT.MDA|WZLIB80.MDA|WZMAIN80.MDA|WZTOOL80.MDA|WIZMAN.MDA|SAVEMODS.MDA|xCompany unknownNo description availableThere was an error adding to the registry.The add-in could not be installed because it is missing a USysRegInfo table.That add-in already exists in your Microsoft Office Access directory. Do you want to replace it?There was an error copying the add-in to the Microsoft Office Access directory. The add-in was not added to the Microsoft Office Access directory.The add-in is designed for a previous version of Microsoft Office Access. You should obtain a newer version from the provider of the add-in.

An event procedure '

| '

already exists. Please try a new command button name.Enter a button name between 1 and 64 characters long.A field with this name already exists.Type a new name for your command button.You can'

t use the Command Button Wizard to modify an existing command button.Select an action you want to occur when your command button is pressed.You must select a picture for your command button.Microsoft Office Access can'

t start the wizard. A compile error exists in one of your global modules or in the code behind your form.You must select a field from each list.You must specify matching fields. Select a field from each list and then click the <


 button.You must provide a command line for the application you want to run.You must select an object name.File not found:'


You must specify a picture name.Select the macro you want from the list.Select the object you want from the list.Macro List:Object List:Command Button WizardWhat form would you like the command button to open?What report would you like the command button to print?What report would you like the command button to preview?What query would you like the command button to run?What macro would you like the command button to run?What table would you like the command button to print?What report would you like the command button to print to a file?What report would you like the command button to send through e-mail?What form would you like the command button to print?Customize Picture ListDeletepictureMust first select pictureSelect PicturePicture BuilderEnter new picture name:Rename PictureCan'

t delete this picture

itisrequiredfortheCommandButtonWizard.Select Application FileProgramsBitmaps (*.bmp)|Icons (*.ico)|All Files (*.*)||All Files (*.*)1

Record Navigation


Record Operations


Form Operations


Report Operations




MiscellaneousYou have chosen forms that can'

t be linked. You must have at least one field that can be linked on each form.What Page would you like the command button to browse?1

Record Navigation


Record OperationsGo To Next RecordNext RecordGo To Previous RecordPrevious RecordGo To First RecordFirst RecordGo To Last RecordLast RecordFind RecordFind RecordSave RecordSave RecordUndo RecordUndo RecordDelete RecordDelete RecordPrint RecordPrint RecordOpen FormOpen FormPrint ReportPrint ReportClose FormClose FormPrint TablePrint TablePrint a FormPrint FormPreview ReportPreview ReportRefresh Form DataRefreshRun ApplicationRun AppApply Form FilterApply FilterEdit Form FilterEdit FilterRun QueryRun QueryAdd New RecordAdd RecordRun MacroRun MacroQuit ApplicationQuit AppRun NotepadRun NotepadAuto DialerAuto DialerFind NextFind NextDuplicate RecordDuplicate RecordSend Report to FileReport to FileMail ReportMail ReportRun MS ExcelRun ExcelRun MS WordRun WordPrint Current FormPrint FormOpen PageOpen PageGo To Previous 1Go To Next 1Go To First 1Go To Last 1Stop SignPencil (yellow) EraserWatchClock 1Phone 1Left Arrow (3D)Pointing LeftLeft Arrow (Black)Right Arrow (3D)Pointing DownRight Arrow (Black)Down Arrow (3D)Pointing RightDown Arrow (Black)Binoculars 1Check MarkUp Arrow (3D)Pointing UpUp Arrow (Black)Pencil (editing)MS Access Table 1MS Access Report 1MS Access QueryFloppy (5.25)Floppy2 (3.5)Trash Can 1Go To New 1Notepad (Red)ToiletMemoBooksLetter 1AirplaneWrenchMS AccessMS Access ModuleNotepadIconBorder (1 Point)MS Access DatasheetRight-Align TextCrosstab QueryRow HeightContext-sensitive HelpDatabase WindowNew TableDown Arrow (Blue)Filter by FormExitBorder (2 Point)Edit FilterExclamation PointCopy DocumentMake-Table QuerySizetoFitHelp (search)Compile ModulesMS Access Table 2Remove FilterBorder (3 Point)SubformClipboard (paste)Update QueryAlign Controls LeftOutput to TextClear All BreakpointsClose WindowBorder (4 Point)Color PaletteFlow ChartRelationshipsAppend QueryAlign Controls RightOutput to MS ExcelRectangleBorder (5 Point)MS Access FormPage BreakShow All RecordsImport TableDelete QueryGridlines On/OffAlign Controls TopOutput to MS WordMS WordMS Access Report 2Trash Can 2Dashed LineBorder (6 Point)General - Align TextBuilderExport TableQuery ParametersAlign Controls BottomPhone 2MS ExcelMS Access MacroPlus SymbolReminderBorder (Hairline)PrinterBinoculars 2Attach TableFloppy 1 (3.5)Save as ReportHeaders and FootersPowerPoint SlideMinus SymbolHandshake 2Apply FilterProperty SheetStep Into ProcedureInsert RowSave RecordTab OrderMagnifying GlassMailboxCascading FormsUndoLetter2BoldQuestion MarkPage SetupLock (blue)Delete RowReplaceRulersPreview (Sample)MS ProjectCascading ReportsStep Over ProcedureGridNew ProcedureFind NextMS FoxProGo To New 2Bring to Front 1Center-Align TextKeyPreview DocumentSummation SymbolInsert ColumnToolsDuplicateMS Schedule +Save to DiskCopy To New RecordWorldNew ModuleCheck BoxTextNew FormDelete ColumnGo To Next 2Set ColorRaised EffectNew DatabaseHammer and NailChartListBoxNew QueryUndo (Rewind)SQLSunken EffectAlign to GridOpen FolderCamera (35mm)Clock 2Show RelationshipsLine (slant)New ReportUnderlineBring to Front 2Sort AscendingRightArrow (Blue)FilterCalendarComboBoxLeft-Align TextRun MacroAdd TableSend to Back 1Sort DescendingView ProceduresAutoFormLeft Arrow (Blue)Address BookGlassesMS Access WizardDesign ViewView OptionsSelect QueryFontsSize to GridCue CardsAutoReportUp Arrow (Blue)No FilterItalicEight BallHappy FaceSad FaceCoffee MugDelete RecordAttach NoteSecurityEdit DocumentDelete Record 2FishHeartDiamondSpadeClubFilter By SelectionFavoritesSpellingGo To Next 3Go To Previous 2Go To First 2Go To Last 2Send To Back 2Data Access PageYou can'

t use the picture builder with more than one control selected.What view would you like the command button to run?Run ViewRun ViewRun Stored ProcedureRun Stored ProcedureWhat stored procedure would you like the command button to run?Run FunctionRun FunctionWhat function would you like the command button to run?

Business Form WizardPost Card Wizard(None)No valid fields can be found in '


.  Please select a new source.You must select fields for the report before you continue.'



t a valid object name. Please choose a different name.'



t a valid report name. Please choose a different name.The report '


 already exists. Do you want to replace it?There is already an open object named '


. Please choose a different name.There is already an open report named '


. Please choose a different name.There are no tables or queries in your database.  You must have at least one table or | to use this wizard.The wizard can'

t find a file it needs to run. Run Access setup again to install wizard files correctly.You have chosen fields from these tables: |

 one or more of the tables isn'

t related to the others.Click OK to edit system relationships (you'

ll need to restart the wizard).Click Cancel to return to the wizard and remove some fields.You have chosen fields from record sources which the wizard can'

t connect.You may have chosen fields from a table and from a | based on that table. If so, try choosing fields from only the table or only the |.Which do you want create Business Form?Which do you want create PostCard?Business Form templates:PostCard templates:What do you want to bind the field for this Business Form?What do you want to bind the field for this PostCard?[Vertical Writing][Horizontal Writing]<


Hisago trouble messsage>


|_Subreport1-2-3,chuoh,chuoh-ku,Tokyo1-2-3,chuoh,chuoh-ku,TokyoSample (Vertical Writing)Sample (Horizontal Writing)The font you entered is not an item in the list.  Please select one of items in the list.There is no default printer and Wizard cannot create a report for you.  You can go to Control panel to set default printer and then continue.Do you want to use table or view?Do you want to use table or query?viewquery

Convert macros to Visual BasicConversion Finished!Conversion Finished!  One or more of the macros that you converted contained an AddMenu action.  Since there is no Visual Basic equivalent, these have been commented out in the generated code.A macro must be the currently active document.There is nothing to convert.You must save the macro first.  Save now?Convert macro: |Convert form macros: |Convert report macros: |Before converting macros on a form or report, you must first open the form or report.Converted Macro- |There was a problem opening the macro '


.  Do you want to continue?Unable to open macro.Macro conversion aborted.You do not have read permissions for this macro.

Database successfully split.Would you like to split the database now?Database SplitterYou must close a table before exporting it. Would you like to close table | now?Exporting tables...Attaching tables...SplitCreate Back-end Database|_be|1.mdbStartAn unexpected error has occurred.There was an error exporting table |.You can'

t use current database as a back end.An error occured while copying relationships.An error occured while attaching tables.An error occured while recreating relationships.You can'

t use a library database as a back end.There are no tables in this database. The back-end database will be empty.You can'

t run the Database Splitter on a replica.

DelimitedFixed WidthField{none}Sample data from file: |.Linked Table Name:CloseYour data seems to be in a '


 format. If it isn'

t, choose the format that more correctly describes your data.To MOVE a line, click and drag it.Creating index for field '


.Importing file '


.Overwrite existing spec '


?Load SpecificationThe import/export specification '


 that was loaded has been modified. Would you like these changes to be saved?This wizard allows you to specify details on how Microsoft Office Access should export your data. Which export format would you like?Sample export format:Import Text WizardExport Text WizardLink Text WizardYour data appears to be in a '


 format. If it isn'

t, choose the format that more correctly describes your data.Delete Import/Export Specification '


?Import SpecificationExport SpecificationLink SpecificationOverwrite exiting file '


?Overwite existing table or query '


?Finished importing file '


 to table '


.  |2Finished linking table '


 to file '


.Finished exporting table '


 to file '



s all the information the wizard needs to import your data.That'

s all the information the wizard needs to export your data.That'

s all the information the wizard needs to link to your data.Import Spreadsheet WizardLink Spreadsheet WizardSample data for worksheet '


.Sample data for range '


.Import HTML WizardLink HTML WizardSample data from HTML table '


.Sample data from HTML list '



First Row Contains Column Headings&

Include Field Names on First Row{space}{tab}0











YMDDecimal SymbolField Delimiter0

Windows (ANSI)


DOS or OS/2 (PC-8)Can'

t open specified file: '


.An error occurred trying to import file '


. The file was not imported.An error occurred trying to link to file '


. The link was not created.An error occurred trying to export data from table '


. The data was not exported.An error occurred trying to load import/export specification '


.An error occurred trying to save import/export specification '


.Error creating an index on field '


 (|1).Error overwriting import/export specification '


.File '


 does not contain data.Changing field to Memo or OLE datatype requires removal of the specified index.The index can'

t be specified for fields with a Memo, OLE, or Hyperlink datatype.The table name '


 is invalid.Table '


 is already open.Table '


 already exists.Specification name '


 is not valid.The first row contains some data that can'

t be used for valid Access field names. In these cases, the wizard will automatically assign valid field names.Advanced option not available. This option requires the file acwzlib.mde to be read/write.Field name '


 is not valid.Field '


 is defined multiple times.Both start and width must be >

 0Field '


 overlaps with previous field '


.There is a gap between fields '


 and '





t be blank.You must first select an HTML table or list that contains data.You must first select the name of existing table.You must first select a worksheet or named range that contains data.Can'

t start the import wizard. The first row of your data file is too large.Error creating primary key on field '


 (|1).You can'

t select this option. You do not have any fields of a datatype that can be used as a primary key.This field can'

t be used as your primary key. Either it contains a non-indexable datatype or you have marked this field as skipped.Table '


 does not exist.Can'

t overwrite table or query '


.The wizard is unable to access information in the file '


.  Please check that the file exists and is in the correct format.The character you specified for your field delimiter is the same as the character you specified for your text qualifier. They can'

t be the same.Error deleting import/export specification '


.IDThe number of fields in your export specification does not match the number in the table you have chosen to export.The field '


  does not exist in the table or query you have chosen for your import or export operation.Field delimiter can'

t contain more than 1 character.Text qualifier can'

t contain more than 1 character.The change(s) you have made to field '


 require the removal of your primary key selection. Do you want to proceed anyway?The wizard is now ready to analyze your new table data. Would you like to continue?One or more rows of data in your file contain too many characters to import. The maximum characters per row is 65000.An Import/Export specification must contain at least one field.Not all of your data was successfully imported. Error descriptions with associated row numbers of bad records can be found in the Microsoft Office Access table '


.The field '


 contains a start position of '


. The maximum start position allowed is 32767.You must specify a table name or file name.8Import Exchange/Outlook WizardLink Exchange/Outlook WizardThe wizard was unable to initialize itself.Microsoft Exchange/Microsoft OutlookAddress BooksYou must create a profile in your mail program before the wizard will work.You must set up a mail service or services before the wizard will work.folderaddress bookThe | you have selected is not currently available.Finished importing '


 from '


 to table '


.  |3You must select a valid folder or address book before you can move on.The wizard was unable to logon to your MAPI client. You must be using a valid MAPI client such as Outlook or the full Exchange client.The wizard is unable to import the folder '


. This is usually because the name of the folder contains a space and an SQL keyword (such as the '

Deleted Items'

 folder, which contains a space and the word '


. You may, however, link to this table.The MAPI store '


 is known but is not available in the current profile. This can occur if you use a profile that is designed for working offline from a server and try to link to a folder or address book on the server. The wizard is unable to link to it.The MAPI store '


 does not exist in the current profile or is unavailable. The wizard is unable to link to it.The MAPI store '


 is of a type that is not supported by the Exchange and Outlook IISAM. Some address books have this problem. The wizard is unable to link to it.This wizard will link a Microsoft Office Access table to a MAPI folder or address book. To which folder or address book would you like to link?This wizard will import the data from a MAPI folder or address book to a Microsoft Office Access table. From which folder or address book would you like to import?You have no permissions to |.Invalid username and password or no permissions to |.The | is locked by another machine or is unavailable. The wizard can'

t access it.| is currently unavailable. The wizard can'

t access it.Child folders are not availableText files can'

t be imported over FTP, HTTP, or other Internet protocols.Access has detected that the text you are about to import has been encoded in a different encoding from your system default code page. Please confirm the language and encoding settings by clicking on the '


 button in the HTML Import WizardAllAccess can'

t run the Exchange/Outlook Wizard. Make sure you have Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or Microsoft Exchange Server installed on your computer. You should also be able to log on to your e-mail account.You cannot import a text file with a name longer than 64 characters.  Rename the file to a shorter name and try again.You cannot import a text file unless it has one of these extensions: |.You cannot import a text file that has one of these extensions: |.

List Box WizardCombo Box WizardLookup WizardColYou must enter a label.list boxcombo boxlookup columnAn event procedure '


 already exists. Please try a new name.There are no tables or queries that the | can get values from.  You must enter your own data to continue in the wizard.No more than | fields can be selected.No valid fields can be found in '


.  Please select a new source.You must select a table or query before continuing.Data cannot be retrieved from the source you have selected.  You must select a different table or query to continue in the wizard.You can only run one instance of the | at a time.|_LabelOLE ObjectYou must select at least one field.Find the record that matches the control.A number from 1 to | must be entered.Waiting for the Lookup Wizard to finish...The table must be saved before relationships can be created.  Save now?The table could not be saved.No valid fields can be found in '


.  You may have selected a query that uses the table you'

re adding the lookup column to.  Please select a new source.The wizard was unable to create the relationship.The field '


 already exists in this table.The Lookup Wizard cannot be used with fields of this type.This wizard creates a |, which displays a list of values you can choose from.  How do you want your |1 to get its values?Which table or query should provide the values for your |?I want the | to &

look up the values in a table or query.I will &

type in the values that I want.Find a &

record on my form based on the value I selected in my |.Selected Fields:Available Fields:How wide would you like the columns in your |?What values do you want to see in your |? Enter the number of columns you want in the list, and then type the values you want in each cell.To adjust the width of a column, drag its right edge to the width you want, or double-click the right edge of the column heading to get the best fit.Number of &


Hide key column (recommended)When you select a row in the |, you can store a value from that row in your database, or you can use the value later to perform an action.  Choose a field that uniquely identifies the row. Which column in your |1 contains the value you want to store or use in your database?Available Fields:Microsoft Office Access can store the selected value from your | in your database, or remember the value so you can use it later to perform a task.  When you select a value in your |1, what do you want Microsoft Office Access to do?&

Remember the value for later use.&

Store that value in this field:What label would you like for your |?Those are all the answers the wizard needs to create your |.&

Display Help on customizing the |.Which fields contain the values you want included in your |? The fields you select become columns in your |1.The Wizard will only run when your current database is the datasource for your page.Which table or query should provide the values for your |?You can'

t change the data type or field size of this field

 it is part of one or more relationships.  If you want to change the data type of this field, first delete its relationships in the Relationships window.

Mail Merge WizardThe object must be saved before Mail Merge can begin.The source object for the Mail Merge Wizard must be a table or query.The data source of the document you selected is different from the source you selected when starting the Mail Merge Wizard.  Would you like the Mail Merge Wizard to change the source?You have chosen a query type that does not return rows.Microsoft Word 2002 is required to run the Mail Merge Wizard.The Mail Merge Wizard was unable to start Microsoft Word.The Mail Merge Wizard cannot continue because the table you have chosen is exclusively locked.The Mail Merge Wizard cannot continue because there was a problem opening the table you have chosen.The current task could not be completed because Microsoft Word is not responding.The version of Microsoft Word installed is not supported by the Mail Merge Wizard.TableQueryWord Documents (*.doc)|All (*.*)||Select Microsoft Word DocumentDocThe Mail Merge Wizard cannot continue because the database is in exclusive mode.  Close and reopen the database to run this wizard.

Main SwitchboardDefaultSwitchboard ManagerYou must name the document before continuing.You must supply a command before continuing.SwitchboardSwitchboard ItemsThe Switchboard Manager was unable to find a valid switchboard in this database.  Would you like to create one?You must select a switchboard before continuing.Invalid argument.You already have a form in your database called '


. You must delete or rename this form before the Switchboard Manager can create a switchboard for you.You must provide some text for this switchboard button before continuing.Are you sure you want to delete this item?Unable to start the Switchboard Manager. Database is read-only.Sorry, only eight items are allowed per switchboard page.Are you sure?You cannot delete the default switchboard.Switchboard Page &

Name:New Switchboard Page&




Switchboard:You cannot create a new switchboard in an .MDE database.The Switchboard Items table is currently open. Close the table, and then run the Switchboard Manager.The Switchboard Manager can'

t open because Microsoft Office Access doesn'

t recognize the format of the Switchboard Items table. Delete or rename the table, and then create a new switchboard using the Switchboard Manager.&

WebPage:New Switchboard Command1

Go to Switchboard


Open Form in Add Mode


Open Form in Edit Mode


Open Report


Design Application


Exit Application


Run Macro


Run CodeThere are no items for this switchboard pageThere was an error reading the Switchboard Items table.Command not available.Unknown option.There was an error executing the command.

N NBNhN~NBefore continuing you must add at least one field to your table. Select the fields you want, and then click the >

 button.A table can'

t contain more than 255 fields. You need to remove some fields. To remove a field, select it and then click the <

 button.The AutoForm Wizard isn'

t available to create a form.The table or query '


 already exists. Do you want to replace it?This isn'

t a valid table name. Table names must have between 1 and 64 characters. They can'

t start with a space or an equal sign (=), and they can'

t contain any of the following characters:  ! . [ ] A field with that name already exists in your new table. Choose a different name.That table is already open or is part of an existing relationship. Save your table with a different name.There was an unexpected error creating the table.The relationships you created with your new table are no longer valid. You will have to create them again.There was an error creating the relationship between '


 and '


 No relationship was created.You must select a field from the list.|IDnot related to '


related to '


How is your new '


 table related to the '


 table?The Table Wizard will create this relationship.The Table Wizard will add a '


 field to the '


 table, and then create this relationship.My new '


 table is ...The tables aren'

t related.One record in the  '


 table will match many records in the '


 table.The Table Wizard won'

t create a relationship.Creating table...Appending field properties:PrimaryKeyChecking database for potential relationshipsTable WizardCustomize Table WizardField BuilderContactsContact informationEmployeesInformation about employeesBooksBook informationPlantsHousehold InventoryInformation about household inventoryMusical TitlesVideo CollectionOrdersOrder informationEventsEvent informationReservationsSuppliersPhotographsAuthorsAuthor informationService RecordsOrder DetailsDeliveriesRecipesCustomersCustomer informationPaymentsPayment informationExercise LogTransactionsTransaction informationProductsProduct informationAssetsAsset informationInvoicesTime BilledExpensesCategoriesDiet LogInvestmentsMailing ListAccountsInvoice DetailsProjectsProject informationRolls of FilmWine ListStudentsStudent informationClassesClass informationTasksEmployeesAndTasksAddressesAddress informationGuestsDepartmentsDepartment informationExpense CategoriesExpense DetailsResourcesResource informationScheduleResource schedule informationRecording ArtistsInformation about recording artistsWine PurchasesWine purchase informationAccount TypesClassifications of account numbersPayment MethodsMy Company InformationShipping MethodsGroupsMusical groupsTracksTrack informationRecordingsRecording informationMusic CategoriesBookAuthorsBooks-Authors junction tableTopicsQuotationsQuotation informationCallsCall informationContact TypesRoomsMembersInformation about membersCommitteeMembersCommittee membership informationCommitteesInformation about committeesMemberTypesTypes of membership availableExpense ReportsExpense report informationDepreciationAsset depreciation historyMaintenanceAsset maintenance historyPhoto LocationsPhotograph location informationWine TypesTypes of wine purchasedIngredientsRecipe ingredient listRecipe IngredientsRecipe ingredient informationFood CategoriesFood category informationVendorsVendor informationStatusAsset CategoriesInstructorsInstructor informationStudents And ClassesStudents-Classes junction tableAssignmentsAssignment informationResultsStudent scores on assignmentsRegistrationEvent registration informationEvent TypesEvent type informationAttendeesEvent attendee informationFee SchedulesEvent pricing informationDonation Campaign SetupDonation campaign informationPledgesPledge informationContributorsContributor informationWorkoutsWorkout informationWorkout DetailsUnitsUsed for tracking exercise activityExercisesTypes of exercises performedExercise TypesExercise categoriesWorkordersInformation about customer workordersWorkorder PartsParts required to complete workordersWorkorder LaborLabor required to complete workordersPartsPart informationSchedule DetailsDetailed schedule information by timeResource TypesResource type informationClientsClient informationTime Card ExpensesTime card expense informationWork CodesWork code informationExpense CodesExpense Code InformationTime Card HoursTime card hour informationTime CardsTime card informationInventory TransactionsInformation about buying and selling inventoryPurchase OrdersPurchase order informationVideo ProgramsInformation about videotaped programsVideotapesInformation about videotapesProgram TypesActorsInformation about actorsProgramActorJoinProgram-Actors junction tableMy Organization InformationInformation about my organizationWorkout HistoryHistory of workout informationFirstNameFirst NameLastNameLast NameMiddleNameMiddle NameAddressCityStateCountry/RegionWorkPhoneWork PhoneFaxNumberFax NumberTitleRecordingLabelRecording LabelSalePriceSale PriceDatePurchasedDate PurchasedDateSoldDate SoldNumberofServingsNumber of ServingsDirectorIDDirector IDActorIDActor IDProducerIDProducer IDGenusSpeciesCommonNameCommon NameLightPreferenceLight PreferenceWateringFrequencyWatering FrequencyDatePlantedDate PlantedDateFertilizedDate FertilizedLastMeetingDateLast Meeting DateWorkoutDateWorkout DateWhichMealWhich MealDateTakenDate TakenShutterSpeedShutter SpeedAperturePlaceTakenPlace TakenSubjectNameSubject NameSubjectPhoneSubject PhonePostalCodePostal CodeContactIDContact IDBookIDBook IDPlantIDPlant IDHouseholdInvIDHousehold Inv IDVideoCollectionIDVideo Collection IDOrderIDOrder IDEventIDEvent IDReservationIDReservation IDDietLogIDDiet Log IDPhotographIDPhotograph IDDateHiredDate HiredEventNameEvent NameRequiredByDateRequired-by DateTempPreferenceTemp PreferenceQuantityReservedQuantity ReservedConfirmedActressIDActress IDRatingFormatYearReleasedYear ReleasedOrganizationNameOrganization NameHoursSinceLastSrvcHours Since Last SrvcMilesSinceLastSrvcMiles Since Last SrvcNextServiceDateNext Service DateModelProblemDescriptionDescriptionQuantityManufacturerSupplierIDSupplier IDShipNameShip NameShipAddressShip AddressShipCityShip CityShipStateShip StateShipPostalCodeShip Postal CodeShipCountryShip CountryOrderDateOrder DateShipDateShip DateDiscountSalesTaxSales TaxFreightChargeFreight ChargePaymentTermsPayment TermsDestinationCityDestination City	ContactNameContact NameFilmExpirationDateFilm Expiration DateFilmTypeFilm TypeColorFilmColor FilmAuthorIDAuthor IDBirthdateBirthplaceDateofDeathDate of DeathTrainingLocationTraining LocationMovieTitleMovie TitleTimeBilledIDTime Billed IDPickUpLocationPick-up LocationPickUpDateTimePick-up DateTimeCurrentLocationCurrent LocationPackageWeightPackage WeightPublisherNamePublisher NameNotesEmailNameEmail NameEmailAddressEmail AddressNicknameRegionDescriptionPurchasePricePurchase PriceRecipeIDRecipe IDIngredientsRecipeIDRecipe DescriptionPagesShelfNumberShelf NumberDepartmentNameDepartment NameSupervisorIDSupervisor IDEmployeeIDEmployee IDSuffixAccountNumberAccount NumberPaymentDatePayment DateCheckNumberCheck NumberSocialSecurityNumberSocial Security NumberCommentsAvailableSpacesAvailable SpacesExerciseLogIDExercise Log IDCaloriesBurnedCalories BurnedAerobicOrAnaerobicAerobic Or AnaerobicDistanceTraveledDistance TraveledActivityHoursSleepHours SleepRestingPulseResting PulseMaximumPulseMaximum PulseCheckinDateTimeCheckin DateTimeCheckoutDateTimeCheckout DateTimeServiceRecordIDService Record IDReviewPhoneNumberPhone NumberCustomerIDCustomer IDProductIDProduct IDPaymentIDPayment IDOrderDetailIDOrder Detail IDDeliveryIDDelivery IDInvestmentIDInvestment IDAccountIDAccount IDTransactionIDTransaction IDAccountNameAccount NameAppraisedValueAppraised ValueProductNameProduct NameShipStateOrProvinceShip State/ProvinceExtensionPhotographContactTitleContact TitleUnitPriceUnit PriceUnitsInStockUnits In StockUnitsOnOrderUnits On OrderReorderLevelReorder LevelDiscontinuedMajorInfluencesMajor InfluencesPrefixArrivalDateTimeArrival DateTimeSubjectCoverTypeCover TypeEditionNumberEdition NumberItemTypeItem TypeSerialNumberSerial NumberMusicalTitleIDMusical Title IDRoomLengthInvoiceIDInvoice IDExpenseIDExpense IDMailingListIDMailing List IDServiceDateService DatePrevServiceDatePrev Service DateActualCostActual CostEstimatedCostEstimated CostMakeDatePromisedDate PromisedDepositAmountDeposit AmountReceivedByReceived ByAuthorizedByAuthorized ByPartsReplacedParts ReplacedDateJoinedDate JoinedSpouseNameSpouse NameHobbiesMembershipStatusMembership StatusHealthIssuesHealth IssuesEmrgcyContactNameEmrgcy Contact NameEmrgcyContactPhoneEmrgcy Contact PhonePaymentMethodPayment MethodHourlyRateHourly RateExpenseTypeExpense TypeAmountSpentAmount SpentAdvanceAmountAdvanceDateSubmittedDate SubmittedPurposeofExpensePurpose of ExpenseInstructionsFloweringFertilizeFrequencyFertilize FrequencyCardholdersNameCardholder NameCreditCardExpDateCard Exp. DateCreditCardNumberCredit Card #PaymentAmountPayment AmountVitaminsDietTypeDiet TypeTotalCaloriesTotal CaloriesGramsFatGrams FatGramsCarbohydratesGrams CarbohydratesGramsProteinGrams ProteinMilligramsSodiumMilligrams SodiumShippedToShipped ToSalespersonNameSalesperson NamePricePerUnitPrice Per UnitShippedViaShipped ViaShippingCostShipping CostPurchasedAtPurchased AtProjectNameProject NameBillableHoursBillable HoursProjectDescriptionProject DescriptionReferredByReferred ByMobilePhoneMobile PhoneEventTypeEvent TypeLocationCostPerPersonCost Per PersonStartTimeStart TimeEndTimeEnd TimePackageDimensionsPackage DimensionsShippedFromShipped FromAssetIDAsset IDAssetDescriptionAsset DescriptionCurrentValueCurrent ValueDepreciationMethodDepreciation MethodAccountTypeAccount TypeCategoryNameCategory NameActionSecurityNameSecurity NameBuyorSellPriceBuy or Sell PriceSharesOwnedShares OwnedClearSecuritySymbolSecurity SymbolSecurityTypeSecurity TypeTransactionDateTransaction DateReferenceNumberReference NumberTransactionNumberTransaction NumberServiceChargeService ChargeInterestEarnedInterest EarnedCategoryIDCategory IDNationalityCopyrightYearCopyright YearDestinationStateDestination StateDestinationPostalCodeDestination Postal CodePlacePurchasedPlace PurchasedPromisedByDatePromised-by DateCameraFlashFilterUsedFilter UsedLensUsedLens UsedDateDevelopedDate DevelopedDevelopedByDeveloped ByPrintSizePrint SizeDatePrunedDate PrunedDateRepottedDate RepottedCaloriesPerServingCalories Per ServingNutritionalInformationNutritional InformationSourceTimeToPrepareTime to PrepareVegetarianBillingDateBilling DateTimeTakenTime TakenPersonIDPerson IDTimeExercisedTime ExercisedExerciseTypeExercise TypeModelNumberModel NumberInsuredInvoiceDetailIDInvoice Detail IDDateUpdatedDate UpdatedAlternativePhoneAlternative PhoneCompuServeIDCompuServe IDDuesAmountDues AmountDuesPaidDateDues Paid DatePledgeAmountPledge AmountPledgePaidDatePledge Paid DateCreditCardTypeCredit Card TypeDepositDueDeposit DueTotalDueTotal DueAmountPaidAmount PaidProjectIDProject IDTaxableDateAcquiredDate AcquiredInvoiceDateInvoice DateBuyorSellDateBuy or Sell DateHomePhoneHome PhoneFilmIDFilm IDReservationDateReservation DateISBNNumberISBN NumberContactTypeContact TypeLaborHoursLabor HoursVintageCountryofOriginCountry of OriginVarietyColorVineyardWineListIDWine List IDPercentAlcoholPercent AlcoholWineTypeWine TypeSweetOrDrySweet Or DryServingInstructionsServing InstructionsQuantityOnHandQuantity On HandNumberofTracksNumber of TracksStudentIDStudent IDClassIDClass IDTaskIDTask IDMajorClassNameClass NameSectionNumberSection NumberTermYearDepartmentIDDepartment IDInstructorUnitsTaskDescriptionTask DescriptionStartDateStart DateEndDateEnd DateGradeDestinationAddressDestination AddressDestinationCountryDestination CountryNationalEmplNumberNational Empl NumberWineNameWine NameItemNameItem NameTypeStatusSampleSoundClipSample Sound ClipParentsNamesParents NamesDateWateredDate WateredRecipeNameRecipe NameFilmSpeedFilm SpeedDateDeliveredDate DeliveredShipperTrackingCodeShipper Tracking CodeShipperPhoneNumberShipper Phone NumberSampleVideoClipSample Video ClipChildrenNamesChildren NamesDateLastTalkedToDate Last TalkedPlaceStayingPlace StayingCheckedInChecked InGiftGivenGift GivenThankYouNoteSentThank-you Note SentNumberAttendingNumber AttendingNeedDaycareNeed DaycareAddressIDAddress IDGuestIDGuest IDRoomNumberRoom NumberSupplierNameSupplier NameEmployeeTaskIDEmployee Task IDStudentClassIDStudent Class IDSalaryDeductionsExpenseCategoryIDExpense Category IDExpenseCategoryExpense CategoryResourceIDResource IDResourceNameResource NameResourceTypeResource TypeScheduleIDSchedule IDRecordingArtistNameRecording ArtistDaysAndTimesDays/TimesRecordingArtistIDRecording Artist IDTrackIDTrack IDTrackNumberTrack NumberTrackTitleTrack TitleExpenseDetailIDExpense Detail IDExpenseItemAmountExpense Item AmountExpenseItemDescriptionExpense Item DescriptionExpenseDateExpense DateExpenseCategoryAccountExpense Account#FoodCategoryFood CategoryClosedDateCompletedDate CompletedNumberofUnitsNumber of UnitsWithdrawalAmountWithdrawal AmountWinePurchaseIDWine Purchase IDBottleSizeBottle SizePurchaseLocationPurchase LocationFilmTitleFilm TitleBillingAddressBilling AddressRequiredStaffingRequired StaffingDepartmentNumberDepartment NumberDepartmentManagerDepartment ManagerAccountTypeIDAccount Type IDTransactionDescriptionTransaction DescriptionTransactionAmountTransaction AmountPaymentMethodIDPayment Method IDShippingMethodIDShipping Method IDShippingMethodShipping MethodSalesTaxRateSales Tax RateCompanyLogoCompany LogoDefaultPaymentTermsDefault Payment TermsDefaultInvoiceDescriptionDefault Invoice DescriptionPurchaseOrderNumberPO NumberSetupIDRecordingIDRecording IDMusicCategoryIDMusic Category IDMusicCategoryMusic CategoryRecordingTitleRecording TitleTopicIDTopic IDTopicQuoteIDQuotePageNumberPage NumberCallIDCall IDContactTypeIDContact Type IDCompanyNameCompany NameCreditCardAuthorizationNumberCC Authoriz. #CreditCardCredit Card?DearStateOrProvinceState/ProvinceMaritalStatusMarital StatusMemberOfIDMember OfTrackLengthTrack LengthSpousesInterestsSpouse'

s InterestsHometownContactsInterestsContact'

s InterestsCallDateCall DateCallTimeCall TimeContactFirstNameContact First NameContactLastNameContact Last NameShowSetupFormAtStartupShow Setup Form At StartupRoomIDRoom IDShipPhoneNumberPhone NumberLineTotalLine TotalWorkExtensionWork ExtensionSendCardSend CardMemberIDMember IDMemberTypeIDMember Type IDMemberTypeMember TypeWorkCompanyCompany NameWorkAddressWork AddressWorkCityCityWorkStateOrProvinceState/ProvinceWorkPostalCodePostal CodeHomeAddressHome AddressHomeCityCityHomeStateOrProvinceState/ProvinceHomePostalCodePostal CodeMemberDuesMember DuesInvoiceWorkAddressSend Inv. To WorkCommitteeMemberIDCommittee Member IDCommitteeIDCommittee IDCommitteePositionPositionCommitteeDescriptionCommittee DescriptionCommitteeNameCommittee NameEmployeeNumberEmployee NumberExpenseReportIDExpense Report IDExpenseRptNameExp Rpt NameExpenseRptDescrExp Rpt DescrDepartmentChargedDepartment ChargedBusinessPurposeBusiness PurposePaidDepreciationIDDepreciation IDDepreciationDateDepreciation DateDepreciationAmountDepreciation AmountMaintenanceIDMaintenance IDMaintenanceDateMaintenance DateMaintenanceCostMaintenance CostPhotoLocationIDPhoto Location IDPhotoLocationPhoto LocationWineTypeIDWine Type IDMarketValuePerBottleMkt Value Per BottlePhotographNumberPhoto #FoodCategoryIDFood Category IDUtensilsIngredientIDIngredientRecipeIngredientIDRecipe Ingredient IDVendorIDVendor IDVendorNameVendor NameStatusIDStatus IDMaintenanceDescriptionMaintenance DescriptionMaintenancePerformedByMaintenance Performed ByDepreciableLifeDepreciable LifeSalvageValueSalvage ValueNextSchedMaintNext Sched MaintBarcodeNumberBarcode#AssetCategoryIDAsset Category IDAssetCategoryAsset CategoryOfficeLocationOffice LocationDateEnteredDate EnteredPlaceOfPublicationPlace of PublicationTranslatorBookAuthorIDBook Author IDDepartmentChairpersonDepartment ChairAssignmentIDAssignment IDAssignmentDescriptionAssignment DescriptionPercentOfGradePercent of GradeMaximumPointsMaximum PointsLateStudentNumberStudentInstructorIDInstructor IDExamScoreCommentCommentsResultsIDResults IDRegistrationIDRegistration IDAttendeeIDAttendeeFirstNameFirst NameAttendeeLastNameLast NameRegistrationDateRegistration DateFeeScheduleIDFee Schedule IDFeeDescriptionFee DescriptionEventDescriptionEvent DescriptionRegistrationFeeRegistration FeeEventTypeIDEvent Type IDFeeCampaignNameCampaign NameCampaignDescriptionCampaign DescriptionCampaignChairmanChairpersonCampaignLaunchDateCampaign Launch DateCampaignEndDateEnding DateFundRaisingTargetFund Raising GoalPledgeIDPledge IDContributorIDContributor IDAmountPledgedAmount PledgedDonorNameDonor NameDatePledgedDate PledgedWorkoutHistoryIDWorkout History IDWorkoutDescriptionWorkout DescriptionWorkoutDetailIDWorkout Detail IDExerciseIDExercise IDExerciseNameExercise NameExerciseDescriptionExercise DescriptionUnitsIDUnits IDDefaultSetsDefault SetsDefaultRepsOrDurationDefault Reps Or DurationDefaultWeightOrSettingDefault Weight Or SettingExerciseTypeIDExercise Type IDSetsRepsOrDurationReps/DurationWeightOrSettingWeight/SettingTimeWorkorderIDWorkorder IDDateFinishedDate FinishedDateRequiredDate RequiredDatePickedUpDate Picked UpWorkorderLaborIDWorkorder Labor IDWorkorderPartIDWorkorder Part IDPartIDPart IDPartNamePart NameDateReceivedDate ReceivedBillingRateBilling RatePartDescriptionPart DescriptionResourceTypeIDResource Type IDScheduleDateSchedule DateScheduleDetailsIDSchedule Details IDScheduleStartTimeSchedule Start TimeScheduleEndTimeSchedule End TimeCompanyOrDepartmentCompany/DepartmentClientIDClient IDProjectBeginDateProject Begin DateProjectEndDateProject End DateProjectTotalBillingEstimateProject Total Billing EstimateTimeCardExpenseIDTime Card Expense IDTimeCardIDTime Card IDExpenseDescriptionExpense DescriptionExpenseAmountExpense AmountExpenseCodeIDExpense Code IDExpenseCodeExpense CodeWorkCodeIDWork Code IDWorkCodeWork CodeTimeCardDetailIDTime Card Detail IDDateWorkedDate WorkedWorkDescriptionWork DescriptionPurchaseOrderIDPurchase Order IDUnitsOrderedUnits OrderedUnitsReceivedUnits ReceivedUnitsSoldUnitsShrinkageLeadTimeLead TimePurchaseOrderDescriptionPurchase Order DescriptionProductDescriptionProduct DescriptionProgramIDProgram IDProgramNameProgram NameSpeedTapedSpeed TapedVideoTapeIDVideo Tape IDProgramTypeIDProgram Type IDRecordingDateRecording DateCounterPositionCounter PositionDirectorProducerProgramTypeProgram TypeProgramActorIDProgram Actor IDMakeAndModelMake/ModelHomeCountryCountry/RegionWorkCountryCountry/RegionWorkoutIDWo

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