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 /CompatibleFonts /ProcSet findresource begin currentenable 	exch /CompatibleCIDFont currentexception not and end

%%%%[ Error: undefined

 OffendingCommand: distillsave

 ErrorInfo: Internal Distiller Error %d]%%%%%s

%%%%[Warning: unable to embed font /%s. 

***Error Raised for 

- unable to initialize heap

- unable to open console device

/start load stopped {handleerror} if

A configuration error will be generated for the following rejected feature:

Bferror in processing external entity reference

DSC error: %d unresolved OPI contexts at end of page. This error is usually caused by incorrect DSC comments. Try distilling with Preserve OPI turned off.

Domain error (sqrt)

Error accessing color profile: 

Error in %s:

Error in TIFF ASCII tag

Error in matching detected

Error raised in CheckDictKind

Error raised in CheckIntRange0ToN

Error reading color profile data: 

Error will be raised because policy is not 1.

Fatal System Error ID = 0x%x

Fatal System Error at 0x%x

Fatal System Error at Unknown Address

File error from ucoretype 

File error while attempting to read VM!

Mark {1183615869 internaldict /idiomRecogInit get exec } stopped { /newerror false put}if cleartomark 

Matching will not be retried, a configuration error will be generated.

Runtime error 

Source error or end in marker before scan %ld 8x8 block %ld

Source error or end in scan %ld 8x8 block %ld

This should not occur. Nonetheless a configuration error will be generated.

Unable to read file.

Xml processing instruction not at start of external entity

Last update: 21/06/2018